Does It Really Beg This Question?

So what? Remember balance? It's not impossible.

Does Google’s authority, simplicity and elegance beg the question, “So what?” Maybe better questions are, “Who cares?” or “What does this mean to me?”

It may not mean anything to you, although I think it should mean something to everyone. To me it’s a metaphor for how to live a balanced life. Remember balance?

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PS. You do remember balance, right? It’s something you’ve either gotten respectably good at or are still attacking with indomitable will…


For Most Boomers, A Church Is A Great Place To Beg

A Church is a great place to beg.

Of course, Churches provide a great sanctuary for begging. But Baby Boomers with enough courage desperation know full well that begging can happen anywhere, anytime. That ought to comfort us. The excuse of finding the time and place is washed away.

Go. Begin.

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