Promises made equal promises broken

Midlife Celebration
A serious wakeup call may be the only hope we have of changing.


Imagine taking 30 years to fulfill a promise to ourselves (and our family).

That’s how long it took me.

The guilt would come and go until it literally it disappeared altogether.

Thank goodness for a serious midlife wakeup call.

Baby Boomers suffer from chronic self-bullying.


Inspiring promises we made to ourselves but never kept. Never delivered on.

Imagine a rose bush full of wonderful buds, but for some reason, the buds never open. Ever.

The original promise was in 1979 as a college Junior. “i promise to write a book about the most important things in life, for my children”.

i never intended to become a prolific blogger. In fact, it was consistent failure (and not writing consistently) that led to a crazy, self-imposed writing challenge on April Fools Day 2009… write five differently-themed blogs (about balance) for 100 straight days.

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What about what’s holding us back from supporting ourselves?

Midlife Celebration Amazon sales page
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Sent this as an email from Amazon to a friend who’s been saying for two months she’s going to buy the book.

Dude, this book is gonna make your heart sing and your mind explode. Do yourself a favor (right now). Okay? 🙂

  • What holds our family, friends, colleagues back from jumping in to help us?
  • Is it the same thing holding us back from supporting others who are also working hard?

So really, what holds us back from helping ourselves?

(fear, uncertainty, excuses, time, codependence?)

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

We know this.

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Thirty-one days from a most unusual case of ‘I promise to’

Hoop dee foo stage show players
Time to start making some noise?


What’s a really big, unfulfilled, promise you’ve made to yourself, others, or both?

If we don’t accept responsibility for our actions, we are forever chained to a position of defense.

We hear about starting small all the time. But do we? And why do we stop? And what would happen if we didn’t?

In 31 days the daily writing ritual of five differently themed blogs will reach an insane milestone – five years without missing a day.

Was it started to create bragging rights? No.

Was it begun because of a lost bet? Nope.

Did the author have something to prove? No.

Did does the author have a dream? Totally.

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Torn between two things with the new Mid Life Celebration book

Mid Life Celebration book
Mid Life Celebration is a gutsy approach to personal responsibility


Torn between two things with the new Mid Life Celebration book:

  1. Being in control of the promises we make to ourselves
  2. Feeling (unhealthy) attachment to how others perceive our promises

Mid Life Celebration: rethink • reprioritize • recommit will have some people cheering, some crying, and some denying.

But no one can say the book is lying.

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