Promises made equal promises broken

Midlife Celebration
A serious wakeup call may be the only hope we have of changing.


Imagine taking 30 years to fulfill a promise to ourselves (and our family).

That’s how long it took me.

The guilt would come and go until it literally it disappeared altogether.

Thank goodness for a serious midlife wakeup call.

Baby Boomers suffer from chronic self-bullying.


Inspiring promises we made to ourselves but never kept. Never delivered on.

Imagine a rose bush full of wonderful buds, but for some reason, the buds never open. Ever.

The original promise was in 1979 as a college Junior. “i promise to write a book about the most important things in life, for my children”.

i never intended to become a prolific blogger. In fact, it was consistent failure (and not writing consistently) that led to a crazy, self-imposed writing challenge on April Fools Day 2009… write five differently-themed blogs (about balance) for 100 straight days.

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