Refuse to accept anything less than not wasting a single day being unthankful,

Crowne Plaza Times Square
The early morning Sun isn’t high enough to shine on the walkways yet


Crowne Plaza Times Square
A brand new January day in Times Square


Not only does our positive attitude journey begin with a single step, it goes on forever.

Forever meaning until we die.

To accept anything less than not wasting a single day being unthankful, not positive, not optimistic, is to not yet have the confidence we need to enjoy our final day.

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The Great Summer of 2012

Blah blah blah positive mental attitude blah blah

eiffle tower drain
had no idea which post I’d use this in, but knew it’d be used (how is that possible?)

Blah blah blah positive mental attitude blah blah…

When we’re up we’re up. When we’re down, we’re down. The trick is to do two critical things with the down…tomorrow…

…blah blah blah

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PS. Eiffle Tower. Wow! And yet there’s so much that goes down our proverbial drain. (I’m going somewhere with this)


Why “attitude is everything” is such a turnoff

courage attitude
being positive all the time takes desire, courage, and practice

The main reason “attitude is everything” is a turnoff for most people is because the ones saying it make the ones hearing it feel inadequate. I don’t think it’s intentional, but it does happen.

Attitude really is everything. And what I’d like you to know, is I’ve found it to be a developable attribute, like endurance, consistently using manners, and being a safe driver.

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There Are Four Popular Misconceptions About A Positive Mental Attitude

About as happy as it gets.

Four popular misconceptions about people with a positive attitude:

  • They aren’t grounded in reality
  • They are pollyannas
  • They are privileged
  • They don’t understand defeat, depression, etc

Dear Son, you know me better than this.

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Dear Son

Dear Son, If You Want A Great, Positive Attitude, You Must Fight For It Every Single Day

What seems like hell is the devil's work to take our eye off of common sense.

Dear Son, nothing in life will prepare you for the painful side effects stemming from a negative mental attitude. It’s like hell. Only difference is that this hell shows up while you’re alive, instead of waiting until we die. There is only one antidote.

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