Lorie’s Top Ten List

Lorie Sheffer, Mid Life Celebration’s regular Sunday Guest Blogger, returns with her very special top ten list. Take it away Lorie:

In honor of both Mother’s Day- I am the mother of two and grandmother of one- and my upcoming birthday, I am offering a partial list of things I’ve learned over the years. I figure if Esquire magazine can have their Ten Things I’ve Learned segment featuring famous people, then I can do a Ten Things list as well. Why not share some of the things I’ve figured out?  So, in no particular order….

#1. Nobody is as bad as you think they are; nobody is as good as you think they are.

#2. Believe the sunscreen hype. Wear it!

#3. It is totally possible to raise children who will become respectful, wonderful adults without ever spanking them.

#4. The chances of a hand reaching up from under your bed and grabbing you by the leg are slim to none.

#5. Sometimes good things happen to nasty people, and the right person doesn’t always win.

#6. The older you get, the sexier intelligence becomes.

#7. A mullet isn’t just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle.

#8. Just because you can get your butt into it doesn’t mean it fits.

#9. Squirrels are evil geniuses.

#10. Graciousness is a life skill well worth learning.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

What a joy it must be to have the honor, and blessing, to be called Mother, Mom, or my personal favorite, Mommy!

And if you’re a Mom at Mid Life, hope you and yours have a great Mid Life Celebration today.

A mid-life quote, just to sprinkle a little mid life insight on your thoughts today:

The real compensation of a right action is inherent in having performed it“.  — Seneca

Make it a GREAT mid life celebration for the special Mothers, Grand Mothers, and Great Grand Mothers, in your life.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂