Most people have brilliantly figured out how to ignore this

Florida wildflower
Yesterday, on a walk.


Is it better to tone down our true feelings and be more likable and accepted?

Or better to say it like we see and feel it, but ruffle a lot of feathers?

Calling attention to the obvious creates a guilt most people have brilliantly figured out how to ignore.

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  1. I felt compelled to comment on this one for sure! I would absolutely LOVE to share my true feelings and thoughts about things that happen around me during my professional day but unfortunately I am not allowed. I do not work within an open environment where creativity thrives. BUT… I know I will one day for I have much to share and say that I believe will encourage the hearts of many!

  2. Jessica, thank you for contributing to this conversation. It’s a challenge for nearly every human, whether at work or at home. i don’t believe there is one right way, but i do believe that we should follow our heart. And if we work (or live) in a space that doesn’t let our spirit soar at least 51% of the time, we should make creative changes until we “get to do” more than we “have to do”.

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