About Mid Life Celebration

jeff noel’s Vision

“I am challenging the top 3% of the male Baby Boomers to do something great before they die.  As small as mending an important relationship, to helping raise money until a cure is found for an incurable disease”.

The rest of what jeff noel said can be found in this 2009 Mid Life Celebration post.

Ladies, and people other than Boomers, tune in tomorrow to discover your role in this game changing vision.

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The Movement

The Movement Defined

The Blog Whisperer, jeff noel and Mid Life Celebration, all define The Movement as:

  • Purposeful
  • Inspired
  • Tiring
  • Exciting
  • Impossible
  • Required
  • Lonely
  • Counter-Intuitive
  • Antagonistic
  • Game Changing

It’s the uncommon path. The hidden path. The purposful path. The path that, knowingly, leads to peace and contentment.

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