It's All We Have

Dear self, you think today is just another day, don’t you?

this can’t be good… near my house…
look closely in the middle/center – see the white car top?
out of control, airborne, slid, rollover, stop facing the wrong direction
two little girls.. not a scratch… it could have gone so much differently


Dear self, you think today is just another day in your life, don’t you? But it’s not just another day. It’s the one day that has been given to you. Today. Right now.

The only suitable response is…


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Note to self: Thank you.


Photo Sunday, 1/4

Is attitude everything?

Sure, cartoon characters can smile all the time, but how do humans manage, with all the pressures of the real world?

If you are old enough to have a quick, ready answer and don’t…go to your room.

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Guest Bloggers Thankfulness

Midlife Thanks

I'm Not Monkeying Around - THANK YOU!
I'm Not Monkeying Around - THANK YOU!

Ever have someone do really nice things for you, and then you thank them a decent amount?

But they don’t stop doing nice things for you. They keep at it and continue to be nice, without letting up, without asking for anything, they just keep giving.

And after some amount of time, you suddenly have a panic attack that you haven’t kept up with your gratefulness for their niceness?

Lorie Sheffer, THANK YOU for being a faithful, insightful, and humorous Guest Blogger here at Mid Life Celebration.

If there’s someone in your life that could use a “reminder” thank you, today might be a good day to do it.


Midlife Shakespeare

“What’s past is prologue.” – Shakespeare

What’s past is simply what got us to where we are today. I’m thankful for that.

What’s here and now, is what will be past tomorrow. I’m thankful for that too.

What lies in the future is the choice we get to make. Our story is being written one day, one moment at a time.

To be or not to be, I mean, to be thankful or not to be thankful, that is the question.

And starting tomorrow, December’s question is, “Am I joyful and do I spread joy?”


Single Most Important Tip

Things you can do to prepare for a Mid Life Crisis, before it happens.  Click here to read the article from Everyday Health.

However, here’s the single most important tip you will ever get from anyone about preparing for your midlife crisis or, as I like to say, your mid life celebration.

Focus on Life’s Big four:





And by focus, I mean proactively, in advance, as best you possibly can. This will keep you ever mindful of that elusive concept called “Balance”.

More on this later, maybe as soon as tomorrow.