So joyful and thankful, even though it seemed unappreciated?

Photo from AARP newsletter about ReImagining life
One conversation, two people, one profoundly changed (it was me). Although the intent was to help change the other.


Find the good in every situation. It becomes habit, and our joy becomes prolific.

So thankful that a friend and I had an intense, honest, loving, two-hour dinner conversation, prompted by the friend’s question, “Any feedback?”

It hit me two days later that the risk I took – and the content provided – to share ‘brutally honest’ feedback was never acknowledged.

No, “Thank you Jeff for sharing that with me. I truly appreciate you being so completely and utterly honest and insightful.”

Doesn’t matter.

What matters is I answered the question fully and completely.


I can now move on, gratefully.

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