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Disney Institute speakers
Wow, from 2010…stumbled upon it last night.


Cleaning (by deleting many) digital files yesterday and stumbled upon a 2010 email i sent Jeff James, then VP at Disney Institute. There was something in his two-minute voice message that compelled me to offer my assistance.


Up since 3am. Thinking. Reading. Writing. Dreaming.

Ask your team, who on our team does it more counter-intuitively.

And, um, click https://www.sethgodin.com/sg/blurbs.asp

I can help you.


Jeff James is the same Disney Institute leader i pitched the book idea to. “Imagine every business professional in every corner of the world, with their bookshelf loaded with a disproportional number of Disney Business books, similar to the way most homes have a disproportional number of Disney movies compared to their entire collection of kids movies.”

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Still can’t get over this dramatic change in behavior

jeff noel's email management
Empowerment accomplished at 9:03pm last night.



jeff noel's email management



jeff noel's email management
Emptied every night for more than a year and counting.



Still can’t get over this dramatic change in behavior. Thirteen months ago in preparation for a Summer Writer’s retreat on Sanibel Island, i emptied my email inbox, sent folder, and trash folder.

Never intended for it to last.


That was July 1, 2015.

Every night since then (like 419 consecutive nights) i’ve zero’d out those three email folders.

My mornings have never been the same.

Without realizing it, i was starting everyday behind. Doing yesterday’s (or the day or days before) work before i could launch what needs to get done today.




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Midlife Passion Prescription?

Is Your In-Box Overflowing?
Is Your In-Box Overflowing?

Email.  A midlife prescription for passion?

Can’t live with it.  Can’t live without it.

A necessary evil.

Our lifeline to the world.

Overwhelming in-box?

Spam.  Potential virus-carrying attachments.

Long-lost friends reconnected.  Joy.

What gives us passion in midlife?

We can be fairly confident it ain’t email.