Dear Son

We are under attack

art of the mind poster
Do we consider our mind’s attitude as art? Should we?


Now, more than ever, each of us is challenged to dig deep.

Social media, the news, our personal conversations, all these attack our attitude.

What are you doing to protect it?

And i mean every day, all day.

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Procrastinating happiness

Happy New Year 2015 Times Square


(photo: From the Senior Living facility last night.)

Are we always delaying our joy of now for when the moment will be right?

Then we can be happy.


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Everything Is Important

Our best alibi is a terrorist

Disney Leadership Speakers


(photo: Swarovski Santa. It’s cute. A great, compulsive buy. Who wouldn’t love it? This never ends until we suffocate on our lifetime of stuff.)

Time flies and we use this notion as an alibi.

Someday we’ll get it all together and live a really decent life.

But for now, we have to go. Only ten days until Christmas.

Our best alibi is a terrorist.

Don’t believe it?

Answer this: Are you satisfied?

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If the solution doesn’t work fast what do we do?

Orlando Disney Keynote Speakers


(photo: Capturing testimonials from WordPress Word Camp Orlando 2014 at the Rosen College of Hospitality. Yesterday, December 6.)

If it doesn’t work fast, we’re on to the next thing.

Like a broken record.

Will the invisible (to ourselves, but clear to everyone else) habit of not seeing things through ever change?

Replace the record or stop playing the record. Period.

Why wouldn’t we?

But we love that album.

On second thought, get the digital version. iTunes or equivalent.

Or, and this is a massive or, we could just find a million reasons to stay the course with common sense.

The basics.

Never get bored with the basics.

Inventory the things that influence your attitude.

This is a wake up call if we are honest.

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We are unintentionally distancing ourselves from these things

Great day yesterday in Glacier National Park. Extraordinarily rare wifi available. Writing this from Swiftcurrent Inn’s lobby.

(Photos will be posted once we get back to civilization)

Insight: as a society we have distanced ourselves from silence, stillness, boredom and natural beauty.


Swiftcurrent Motor Inn in Glacier National Park


(photo: First morning in Glacier National Park July 24, 2014)

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