Indefinite Spring Break?

Granite Park Chalet
Granite Park Chalet sits at 6,600′ (2011 meters), lower right, just as the sunrise reaches it.
Disney closings from Covid19
In addition, Walt Disney World is closing too.

Indefinite Spring Break?

Well, for at least two weeks.

Our Son arrives tonight for a week of College Spring Break. He’s been instructed to extend it to two weeks.

Betting it extends further, probably not returning until August when the new school year begins.

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Disruption and non-traditional are synonymous

Apple Notes App
Yesterday, this photo is a real example of me taking notes while Gary walked me through it.


Yesterday included an opportunity to visit the Apple Store for a one-to-one session with Gary. Gary is an amazing resource for not only everything Apple, but also well beyond the boundaries of Apple technology.

i take many photos on a daily basis. Often, i use photos to take notes, so i was looking for hacks to store these “Notes” photos in contacts.

Learned from Gary that you can’t in contacts but you can with Apple’s Notes app.

This led to Gary sharing some fascinating information about how photos are being used in disruptive (untraditional) ways. Most photos these days never get printed and never end up in a scrapbook. Most are taken to be shared digitally. And they are even used as a substitute when someone texts, “What are you doing right now?”.

Had this crazy idea driving home from Apple that i’ll share on the fourth blog (jungle jeff).




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