Bank on your mental history

Tim Cook
Growth mindset is the DNA of every outlier who changes the world. Even if it’s only their own world that transforms.

Bank on your mental history.

What got you to mental vibrancy is remarkable.

Bank on it.

Ignore the critics.

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Embrace our critics

Old river bridge with profound graffiti message
We are not what we own (we know this but mass-media disagrees)


Embrace our critics? Sure. But mostly ignore them.

No, seriously. For real.

Their voice is not our voice. Trust our voice, the one equipped with our instinct.

And focus on spending our time and energy where our joy and support comes from.


Not the loud, confusing, unfocused, uncaring chatter that clutters the space we occupy.

Practice tuning out and tuning in.

And get really, really good at it.

And be prepared for unexpected progress.

No, seriously. For real.

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Walt Listened To The Critics, But Not For Long

There's only one company that invests in trash cans like this.

The other day we visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Made a point to teach my son why everyone but Walt Disney thought a trash can like this was crazy (dumb).

It’s not uncommon for me to end a post, like this one, without any further dialogue, tip or closure.

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PS. Yesterday an idea popped into my head while walking to dinner in Montgomery, AL…I’m the Grateful Dead of blogging….