Walt Listened To The Critics, But Not For Long

There's only one company that invests in trash cans like this.

The other day we visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Made a point to teach my son why everyone but Walt Disney thought a trash can like this was crazy (dumb).

It’s not uncommon for me to end a post, like this one, without any further dialogue, tip or closure.

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PS. Yesterday an idea popped into my head while walking to dinner in Montgomery, AL…I’m the Grateful Dead of blogging….

By jeff noel

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  1. The Grateful Dead of blogging! Very good — faithfully writing and performing for a very select audience who understood the message and kept coming back for more. Except their songs weren’t exactly short and pithy…

  2. Natalie, you know, I have a GD cd or two, but just never found the attachment (because I never gave it my full attention). Same thing happened with Jimmy Buffett. Never “got his music” until I started to listen to it over and over. A Dead Head I’m not. A Parrot Head…in my DNA.

    Was walking up a big hill on the way to dinner (Prattville, AL) when the metaphor struck. The people who get the music, really get it. Those that don’t, really don’t.

    Bottom line, the Dead never played for mainstream. They played (at least as i understand it) because they loved to play music (how refreshing is that?!)….that’s the connection I’m after, and enjoying.

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