May the writing never sound like advice

Disney keynote speakers
Yesterday, Easter Sunday, while volunteering to deliver “Food For Families”.


i never want my writing to sound like advice. It is intended to allow the reader to ask themselves whatever questions they’d like.

Note to self:

When talking and writing, remember to preface your messages with, “You don’t need to believe me on anything. If it intrigues you, try it out for yourself.”

i’m not recommending anyone do anything i’ve done.

All i’m saying is that i used to get certain results in my home life and work life and now those results are exponentially better.

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The difference in attitude is crystal clear

Sanford Orlando Airport Parking garage view


(photo: First client call was from the top of the Sanford Orlando airport parking garage… in the car)

The difference in attitude is crystal clear. Imagine yesterday’s call with the CEO. He’s listening to the executive business consultant and determining if it’s a right fit.

It will cost the CEO a lot of money and what’s on the line is his corporate culture – the way his people interact with his cherished customers, and each other.

When the voice coming through the receiver is insanely positive, optimistic, and confident it’s almost too easy.

And the world class business consultant? He’s listening for the same things.

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