It’s A Weird Morning

Everyone has these moments. Only the frequency varies. You know the kind – were your day begins like every other, except you just feel off-center, or weird – and you can’t put your finger on “why?”.   That said, it rarely happens in my “world”.  But it’s happening now.

Sitting here in this North Carolina Hampton Inn, at 5:30 AM, with several hours of work to do before catching a shuttle to the Charlotte airport.

It’s a weird morning.

Five days ago, I was in our son’s classroom at 9:00AM for “Teach Your Parent” day. Our son taught us several lessons from the Montessori curriculum. Then off to the Orlando airport.

Two flights and many hours later, I was on the 16th floor of the Toronto Intercontinental Hotel, connected to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and one block from the world’s tallest free-standing concrete structure.

A few days and a few speeches later, I’m in this North Carolina Hampton Inn.  The days and the speeches go by.  Each one, a tremendous opportunity to do great work. The days are long, and rewarding.

In the middle of this, our son has an overnight school camping trip at a Florida State Park.

You would think that writing five different, daily blogs would exhaust blog topics.  Quite the opposite. I find myself with so much to say.

It’s a weird morning.

By jeff noel

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