Write like you mean it

text thread screen shot
The bottom text was sent from me, to me. Used Siri while getting a therapeutic massage. Hoping to be able to run pain-free again. The duplicate texts? No idea why it happened. Same thing, used Siri while bicycling.

Write like you mean it.

Recently, an event happened that gloriously revealed wisdom that had eluded me thus far.

So grateful to have writing as a therapy – a prescription so to speak – to manage unexpected growing pains.

Thank you WordPress for coming into my life in 2008.

Just writing like i mean it…calm, collected, honest. And leaving a trail for our Son. He may one day be publicly ridiculed with none of his present, historical friends willing to intervene. It’s imperative he knows this too shall pass. And that he will be given unique wisdom that only someone heavily outnumbered can gain.

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Super cool

woman on a touring bicycle
A bicycle honeymoon is super cool.

Super cool what time’s passage and prolific daily writing do as a therapy-team to accelerate understanding.

The second five posts for healing and recovery writing from the February 27, 2022 HOA meeting would have posted today.

Five additional posts written February 28.

But guess what is super cool?

The posts are literally perfect.



Written objectively to show ongoing compassion.

The goal isn’t to express anger or embarrass people.

No, the goal is healing and leaving a trail for our son.

My generous effort to not name names nor specifics.

Back to super cool…just decided to postpone those five posts for several months instead of the intended two weeks.

Decent chance they never get posted.


Accelerated emotional progress.

Super cool.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.