Who’s in charge of your life?

Granite Park Chalet schedule
After one day, Granite Park Chalet is nearly filled. There are still 300 reservation requests in the que. The initial 500 requests in the first five minutes will sell out the entire season.

Who’s in charge of your life?

Everything that’s working well is your success.

Everything that is a mess is your fault.

Don’t take this personally.

Just realize how true it is and find a million ways to let go of things getting in your way of running a better business (of your life).

You are the CEO of You, Inc.

Ain’t no one else’s job but yours.

You’re welcome.

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What if they are full of it and what if they are not?

Quote about acceptance
This is a two-way street so lead with compassion and forgiveness (photo: @overlyxclusive)


The interesting thing about getting honest feedback is that we should always consider the source.

What if they are full of it? What if they are not?

This makes it tough because often the source itself is reliable, but the source’s exposure and comprehension may be influenced only by second-hand or pre-filtered information.

As a parent or a boss, we often get little exposure to what is actually happening in the day to day. So we rely on others to give us feedback.

The inherent challenge with this perception of reality is our optimism, values, filter, problems, goals, health, and so on, is not based on eye-witness observations.

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