Glacier National Park is a good friend

Glacier National Park snow plowing
Over in Two Medicine, near the town of East Glacier. Photo from May 3, 2018.


Glacier National Park snow plowing
Closeup of snow plowing on Going to the Sun Road. Easy to see one of the two snow plows. The second one more challenging…it’s left-middle-top.


Glacier National Park snow plowing
Context in the vastness. two snow plows just past The Loop switchback. McDonald Creek is running full in bottom left corner.


The thought of finishing my impossible book writing goal in Glacier National Park is surreal.








One million acres.

734 miles of trail.

300 grizzlies.

Trying not to let the anticipation consume me.


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What if you couldn’t recall the last time it happened?

iPhone calculator
Today is the 2,329th consecutive day of writing five different blogs.


Can you recall the last morning where you were dreading waking up?

What if you couldn’t?

i cannot recall the last time i wasn’t looking forward to the day ahead with childlike entreprenurial excitement.

There used to be a time (15 consecutive years, 1984 – 1999) when it took three separate alarm clocks (none with the real time, and all with extra time added to the actual time) to wake me up – after numerous, repetitive hitting of the snooze buttons.

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