ECA not EAC. Encouragement, Challenge, Accountability. Not East Australian Current (Finding Nemo’s EAC). ECA… Encouragement Challenge Accountability i’m here to encourage you, challenge you, and assist you in holding yourself accountable. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here. If you want to stay on this site and […]

Confirm humanity?

  Confirm humanity? Confirm a positive attitude? All day? Every day? You’ve come so far from being the person you used to be. You are amazing. So now, remember to bask in your growth over fear and undesirable habits. Savor the way you handle the same hardships you’ve always handled, but how different they are now […]

Out of the midlife ashes, hope rises

  (photo: The Hyatt, built 1984, was here when we (the person below) met in 1990, but State Road 535 was still a little two lane country road.) Yesterday morning a social media note: Good morning! I wanted to tell you that I am re-reading your book. Reading slowly this time. I value it so […]