Out of the midlife ashes, hope rises

Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort near Walt Disney World


(photo: The Hyatt, built 1984, was here when we (the person below) met in 1990, but State Road 535 was still a little two lane country road.)

Yesterday morning a social media note:

Good morning! I wanted to tell you that I am re-reading your book. Reading slowly this time. I value it so differently this time. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Asked a few questions and in reply:

I truly have tears in my eyes right now. I was not in a good place when I read it the first time and I knew you were telling me something but I just wasnt getting it. I was resisting change. I now have the strength to appreciate it. Thriving not survivng. I am so thankful that I knew you because I hear your voice speaking to me when I read it. Stuck on pages 7 and 14!

At the end of the day, the book leans towards being a kick in the ass butt. And we all need that a few times in life.

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  1. Jeff,

    That’s what makes the book work – it hits you at different points in your journey, generating a different “action plan” in one point versus another point of the journey.


  2. Thanks Bob. Agreed. Have read it 25 times, which doesn’t include the dozens of times before it was finished, then published. 🙂

    Am due for read #26.

  3. What a fitting title and idea for Holy Week. Knowing that you write this far ahead of time, perhaps a happy coincidence. I thoroughly enjoy each post. They resonate (even in my early 30’s). Thank you for this inspiration and thought. From one former Disney Cast member to another, thank you!

  4. Thanks Trey. Not sure we’ve ever “met”. Appreciate you visiting regularly and finding value. Do you read the other four or just MLC?

    And yes, the timing is impeccable. 🙂

    Best wishes for 2015 to be your best year ever.

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