101 days later

Christmas day, 2012, 9:30pm…

  • run 2 miles before breakfast
  • started with delivering Food for Families
  • fire in fireplace, doors, windows open (74 degrees)
  • lunch at McDonalds drive thru on way home
  • opened presents
  • nap
  • Family walk with Cooper (Dog)
  • met and visited with new neighbors
  • opened remaining gifts from relatives
  • phone calls home
  • dinner
  • watched Christmas movies
  • fire out
  • almost didn’t write five blogs
  • bed time

101 days later, re-read this and pray that today’s feeling of overwhelming hope and joy will feel the same on April 6, 2013. Life really is about attitude.

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Only four bucket list items remaining?

bucket lists
a friend's book from a noted author. I've written 6k posts about living before you die.

The most cathartic thing I’ve ever done – and continue to do – is write these five blogs on Life’s Big Choices. I’m not gonna preach to anyone that they should start a blog or keep a journal. Instead, I’ll simply ask you if you understand the power of writing things down. Do you understand? Do you do it? That’s all I’m sayin’.

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Yeah man summer, the good old days

confidently setting the stage for a great season is our responsibility

Can’t help but think about how important confidence is, after watching the American Idol sing offs this year. What does that have to do with Summer? Everything man. Everything. As the clock ticks off each precious day, each precious week, each month, each season…

This summer season…what’s it gonna be? Another good summer, on a long list of good summers? Or, for whatever reasons, the best summer?

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The great summer of 2012

sweet corn
summer time meant sweet corn

While our summer solstice is still three weeks away, I’d like to begin writing with a “summer spirit” today, June 1. Remember summers as kids? Fairly carefree. Innocent, at least until adolescence. No school. No homework. Sleeping in. Often boring. Nothing to do.

Yeah, the good old days….

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