Disney Customer Service Mindset

Relentless pursuit.

Disney Customer Service Mindset.

Customer service is simple – be nice enough to exceed the normal expectation.

You can be nicer if you have the ability (time, resources, energy, money, or set a new standard), but being nice enough to exceed the normal expectation is all that’s required.

Exceeding doesn’t discriminate, meaning any amount of effort that exceeds is enough to exceed, even if it’s an insignificant amount of effort.

Obviously the extra mile is a sure bet for exceeding customer expectations, but going the extra mile is not even remotely sustainable.

Going the extra inch – a seemingly insignificant effort – will not only exceed expectations, it is insanely easy to do.

As simple as making eye contact and smiling.

As simple as saying please and thank you.

As simple as introducing yourself, first.

As simple as initiating a warm salutation.

As simple as being assertively friendly – meaning if you see a customer who you can tell has a question, rather than wait for the question, ask the question, “May i help you find something?”

You were going to answer the question anyway, why not initiate it.

Why would you wait?


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