And By Not Being Afraid To Die, I Don’t Mean Being A Martyr Or Hero

Not being afraid to die. I believe you can organize your life in such a way, even if tomorrow was your last day, you’d still be good. No regrets.

Dear Son, I often wonder if my thoughts are radical. Most don’t want to wait until it’s too late to say or do things, but you’d never know by watching them.

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  1. Someone asked me what was on my bucket list. I replied that I didn’t have one. That I live each day as if it’s the last. Even now a few days later, when I ponder this whole list thing, I wonder if you have a bucket list and you don’t check off all the items, do you die with regrets? If I worry about not meeting my grandchildren on some distance tomorrow, I will miss loving my children today? If my desire is to visit Paris someday, will I miss the walk in the woods today? Just wondering…

  2. I wonder if we have more regrets from what we HAVE done or from what we have NOT done. My friend Kate has reminded me on more than one occasion that dwelling on our past mistakes is very destructive for the present and also for the future. So I have to remember daily that I am forgiven. And that God works all things for our good and for His glory.
    And as far as regrets for things left undone or unsaid, I try to live by the old adage that Mom repeated to me so often, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” We can say “I love you” and act it out in a hundred ways each day.
    Thanks, Jeff for making us think today…

  3. Patty, what we accept by default becomes our standard. I drew a line in the sand and said: “I work on better habits everyday, or not at all”.

    Everyday. Carpe diem as the battle cry….CHARGE!

  4. Natalie, regrets come in all forms. Thank you for your perspective and reminder that we not only regret what we haven’t done, but also what we have.

    Forgiveness starts with self. If we can’t do it successfully there, it’ll never fully work with others. It’s an all or nothing concept.

    And you’re welcome. Thinking, smiling and being grateful is the simple target each day.

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