We become who we tell ourselves we are

Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone in 2007
Steve Jobs was moments away from revealing to the audience that those three are combined on one device – the first iPhone announcement in 2007.


This is why the way we think is critical to whether we live a life spent surviving or live a life spent thriving.

We become who we tell ourselves we are.

It is simple arithmetic.

Our unstoppable thoughts add up to help us or hinder us.




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By jeff noel

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  1. Great reminder of how we can help or hurt ourselves.
    Sometimes, we need all the help we can get to reach our goals.

  2. Chuck, good morning brother and great to hear from you. There’s a lot of (self-imposed) pressure to be someone we are not. Each of us is CEO of You, Inc, and 100% responsible for figuring this out.

    We will not awaken to (and live with) peace, contentment, and joy until we are crystal clear what our purpose is for being on this planet, at least that’s what i’ve learned.

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