i refuse to live like this anymore

Amelia Erhart quote
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Here we go, it’s another Monday morning and most of us barely, if at all, have ourselves centered before we rush out the door to begin another long day of rush, rush, rush.

What becomes the catalytic moment in our lives when our attitude tells us (to promise) to stop the rat race?

What is that moment that causes us to commit to changing everything?

And how long does this, “I refuse to live like this anymore” commitment last?

If it were as easy as Amelia Earhart says, we wouldn’t be thinking about this now.

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  1. The best personal-executive coach we can hire is ourselves because the price is right.

    Because if we’re never going to have enough money or courage to hire an executive coach, we need to create our own – one that safe, direct, and honest.

  2. You are definitely right. Something is to be said for “self-talk” for motivation.

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