Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Epcot sidewalk art near United Kingdom
Found out at 10am.


Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Although this morning, June 3, is 100 days from September 11, the shock of what happened that day has been occupying conscious space in my mind the past few days.

Maybe forgetting about emotional drains like this is our way of surviving the endless onslaught of the human condition.

i was at Epcot’s Germany pavilion facilitating a Disney Institute Open Enrollment program with Alicia Matheson.

Everyone knows exactly where they were when they heard.

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  1. Home pushing my daughter in a swing my brother called me. We went inside. I put a Disney movie in the VCR for her and watched the news on my computer in stunned silence.

  2. What’s even more disturbing is the plans to use planes to crash into important national structures has supposedly been in process for several years. Very sad.

  3. Sometime the next day, a question appeared that i’ve never been able to answer, “What would make hate so powerful that someone (or some group) would willfully kill thousands of innocent people?”

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