Feeling Guilty About Your Blessings

Can homeless people be over-achievers? How much stuff does a homeless person need?

What was surreal was we were heading to an all-expenses paid cruise on the brand new Disney Dream cruise ship.

I confess that it was a very confusing moment, and still haven’t forgotten about it.

Feeling guilty about your blessings. This ever happened to you?

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  1. Sadly, yes. But maybe not so sadly, as it is a reminder to be thankful, and to reach out to others. To share our wealth.

    Mother Theresa tells a story about bringing a bowl of rice to a Hindu family, who had not had any food for a longtime. The first thing the mother did was put half of the rice into another bowl and take it to the Muslim family next door. Mother Theresa asked her how, or why she would do that. The woman responded, “They haven’t had any food either.”

  2. Craig, welcome back. Or maybe, welcome home.
    Either way, we love hearing from you.
    I read the post in the link you provided.
    Life can be complicated and in our humanness and shortcomings, we miss many opportunities.
    Maybe that’s part of God’s plan too.

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