A debt of gratitude list

Le Westin Montreal lobby sign
The date, time, and place stamped on the digital lobby sign.


Old Harbor Montreal
The small yellow image, a walker, caught my eye.


Montreal war veteran memorial.
Closer inspection revealed a military tribute monument. Two days prior was Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day in America).


Teddy Bear in Montreal airport
An airport tradition for a decade or more.


Freedom Tower from JFK tarmac.
Freedom Tower from JFK tarmac yesterday.


A debt of gratitude:

To my wife, for covering the home front, solo, for three days.

To our son, for, well, just being a son, and a studious ninth-grader.

To Lee Cockerell, for his referral; otherwise there would not have been a Montreal trip.

To Manon Richard for being a superb event planner. Superb.

To Michel for guiding me the entire day and having me want for nothing. Remarkable.

To Westin and Delta for doing what they do so well.

To our Military, for providing safe passage in North America.

To God, for the blessing of having a purposeful way to contribute to society.

Editor’s note: The above list was started yesterday during a two-hour layover at JFK airport. Little did i know as i wrote about “safe passage in North America” that hours later tragedy would hit Paris.




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