Facebook mind

Traffic backup at Epcot toll plaza
Yesterday on our way to lunch at Epcot. It was a block-out (no go) day for getting family in.


Vehicle window messages
We can already see the writing on the wall – their Facebook updates…


Facebook mind, aka Facebook attitude.

You either control Facebook or Facebook controls you, at least for me.

Our attitude about our ability to be in control, or to be controlled, by social media is our responsibility. Challenge is, social norms allow overuse to be acceptable.

Even though i was ineffective at keeping up with everyone, i still tried – as if some miracle would happen. Or as if in my trying, i wouldn’t have to feel guilty for missing important moments in people’s lives.

Update: Today Feb 23…wow, reading this now, 100 days after the fact, i must have really been struggling…rather than edit today’s five posts, i’m leaving them as is – a moment in time, an internal struggle captured “on paper”.




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