Entrepreneurial Faith

Montreal historic building at night
First look out my hotel room at 4:30am yesterday.


Le Westin Montreal lobby
Le Westin Montreal lobby…heading outside at 7:23am for some fresh air after nearly three hours of work.


Montreal Government employees protesting
Montreal Government employees protesting low wages (at least that’s what one protestor told me).


The Globe front page news
Yesterday’s date stamp next to Jack’s (the bear) arm.


Faith. What does it look like, especially as an entrepreneur?

How about starting a business (while you already have a full-time career at Disney), and (faithfully) investing $1,000/month for 75 consecutive months before you make your first dime.

Yesterday was only the fourth speech in my new, solo speaking career. There are three more contracted days in 2015, for a total of seven speaking engagements.

Every speaking engagement has been a referral, a recommendation, or a former Disney client. Nothing has come from social media.





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