Where Is Your Favorite Tropical Beach Location? Why?

Where’s your favorite tropical beach location and why?

Do you embrace, chase or epitomize island time while you’re there?

What is it about palm trees and sunshine? Are humans solar powered?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Ha, funny. I know I am solar powered. My favorite so far is Trunk Bay in St John BVI but I am still searching. Why? It was the feel. Felt like a little piece of paradise.

  2. No real beach locale.
    Vacation time would lead me to a certain Reedy Creek community.
    It’s been 5 years. Too long…

  3. Oh Craig, has it really been 5 years? That is too long. I hope you can soon start a Disney Fund and be able to hear someone in a Reedy Creek community say “welcome home”.

  4. Jeff,

    I am hoping to make it back down toward the Reedy Creek area soon!

    But in terms of my favorite tropical beach area, I am reminded of a small vacation my wife and I took after we first got married – to the beaches of Cancun. Everything seemed to move at a slower pace…including me.


  5. Thanks for your sympathy. 🙂
    The job change, this year, should bode well, within the next couple of years, for our next trip.
    I can’t wait for the time in our life when we can make a yearly pilgrimmage (or at least bi-yearly). 🙂

  6. Bob, the slower pace ought to be catching up on us, no matter where we are (aging).
    Have never been to Cancun, but hear great tropical things about it.

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