Indecision May Or May Not Be My Problem

It’s interesting to be at the beach and be 52, but feel 21. Ever feel like that? That feeling of same story, different ending?

Which side of the life’s fence do we really want to be on? What are we willing to give up on one side to get on the other? What are we supposed to do?

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  1. As I’m days away from World Youth Day, and have a daughter heading off to college — I find it very hard to believe, that at my age (50) my mother was a grandmother. Where has the time gone? How could I be as old as my passport reports? Age is just a number. Keep moving forward and if possible — run, skip or jump.

    And for, or is it from, my advanced age — I do enjoy the wisdom of the age. I no longer worry about the little things. For example: When one of my children brings home a less than stellar exam grade, I tell them, “It’s just one grade, on one exam, in one class, in your whole educational career. No worries…” Though I remember being on the other side and sweating each and every grade.

    It’s interesting how through living we learn.

  2. Patty, safe travels for your awesome trip, and for all who will gather in Madrid. May the Lord bless the world with His Grace, Mercy and Never Ending Love through events like these.

  3. At 52 do I ever feel like I’m 21? No. But I’m not sure I would want to. Sure it would be nice to never have an achy joint or have anything sag or wrinkle, but aside from the aesthetics, I like being 52 much better. I was a grandma at 41. That was sobering to say the least. But I am much more comfortable in my own skin, and care MUCH less about what anyone else thinks of me. While I would prefer to be liked, I sure don’t lose sleep over it.

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