Brainstorming 101 and thinking inside the box

Disney creativity lesson commencing at Lake McDonald Lodge. Snack box easel holding our Disney Creativity template.
Replaced snack box with water bottle easel.
Used this exact same model (including the post-it layout) in the Madrid Disney Creativity speech.
He did all the writing and was a great collaborator.
Took some photos to use as examples of what i’d like him to capture when he’s in the photographer role. The picture is intriguing because of the wildlife.
This photo places us on the second floor.
This photo simply shows our progress as we work through six boxes of content.

Brainstorming 101 and thinking inside the box is maximized when a leader establishes an environment where ideas have no choice but to flourish. 

There is a Disney framework i use for creativity in my personal life. It’s the same architecture i use in my Disney speaking business. 

It’s simple to remember and simple to use. 

Simplicity and scalability is the key.

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