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Flag Day was yesterday, Friday the 14th.
Early start to our toughest (longest and highest) hike of the week.
We hiked Fish Lake (lower left) two days ago and did the Snyder Creek hike (pointing) yesterday.
It was roughly two miles to this point, all uphill. A 2,000’ elevation gain overall.

Yesterday was Flag Day. 

Things only become a big deal to you if you make them a big deal. 

As a parent, i get to make choices. Some easy, some hard, and some that may not pay off for a long time, if ever. 

All i can sense is that my approach to parenting is more intentional than if i had been a younger parent. 

We started with a 7:00am breakfast and then hit the trail. 

At nearly 10 miles round trip with a 2,000’ elevation gain, Snyder Lake was our longest and steepest hike this week. 

The payoff wasn’t worth it if we used the poor view as the criteria, the abundance of mosquitos, and the muddy conditions. 

The good news?

We completed a fairly challenging morning hike in easy fashion.

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