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The cross i bear from a lifetime at Disney…

Epcot's Spaceship Earth
Two days ago we went in just to have lunch and then returned to our house.


The cross i bear from a lifetime at Disney…

Torn between zealot and acceptance.

Being driven to excel at thinking differently and doing things differently is a huge risk.


Because it causes discomfort for many.

Discomfort is generally not something people willingly line up for.

What is so weird about this though is this, people (including me) desperately want things to get better – at work and in their personal lives.

What is mind boggling, for me, is how resistant people actually are to what they so desperately want.

As my Disney speaking and advising business continues to grow, i find the same thing with many organizations.




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Thanks so much, Jeff. I have seen this as well. The talk is there but the walk doesn’t always follow. Ideas sound great – especially when others change – for us and our processes. But when it comes to being open personally that doesn’t always happen. In the instance where it does truly amazing things happen. I have experienced both. That said, the organizations that you visit have a seed planted to make the personal choice – to improve or stagnate. Thanks for the reminders. They are a way that I challenge myself every day while facing the reality of the challenge of change.

Andrew, the spirit is more than willing, our body is weak.
And so it goes.
It comes down to, personally and professionally in my opinion, focus and discipline.

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