The only thing holding you back

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Dear everyone (including me),

The only thing holding you back is the long list of bull crap lies you keep telling yourself.

Remaining consistently, and constantly, positive is impossible with negative self-talk.

And while you go searching for some “secret” to compensate for this self-defeating addiction, the secret is in this harsh reality:

You are in charge of your life.

Your recipe for success will include ingredients from others, but it will never be someone else’s recipe.

The scariest part (at least it was for me) is accepting that we have to fail our way to taking charge of our life.

The proliferation of self-help gurus leads desperate people (i was one of them) down a lifetime path searching for an easy plug and play solution.

Bonus insight: You must become resilient to the fact that much of what you do will fail, yet each failure carries you ever closer to taking charge. But only if your attitude positively expects this to happen.

PS. The subconscious reason we want to use someone else’s recipe (and not our own) is so that we can blame the failure on the recipe and avoid blaming ourselves.




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