Every Situation, Properly Perceived, Is An Opportunity

From a dead tree most towns would have removed, we find art

A rare and devastating infestation decimated a certain tree type in a Canadian town I was visiting. The town leaders decided rather than remove the stumps, create art. These trees are all over town and tell a story.

At midlife, we have the opportunity to do the same. Part of life’s passage to old age is getting through the middle. The middle shows a harsh reality we can’t understand until we get there.

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  1. Such life saving advice! Every situation is an opportunity for positive growth in so many directions. Each new day delivers to our door step new and profound opportunities. Bring it on!

  2. Not quite physically back on US soil, but mentally easing myself, or my new self, back to reality by reading more blogs. Enjoyable as always.

  3. Home and the first nugget I received was a letter stating I was no longer needed at the cemetery. An opportunity to put my optimism and “new start” mentality to the test. What will today bring? I have no job, but out there is the potential for a new one. And I can’t wait to find out just what I will be doing.

  4. Patty this reminds me of “Preach the Gospel everyday, and if necessary, use words.” Enjoy your job search and the opportunities (in many ways) it brings.

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