How fast should we drive during midlife? (a Disney flashback)

Disney Customer Experience Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Circa 2005. Illustrating the “extra inch” concept even back then.


A Disney flashback. How fast should we drive during midlife?

Had a Disney leader (Guy Smith) in 2000 request that at every one-on-one meeting he wanted his direct reports to share one example of how they ‘drove 65’ the previous week.

In this metaphor, we assume the speed limit is 55 mph, and his theory was we could exceed the posted speed limit if we weren’t reckless, and avoid getting pulled over.

In the spirit of continuous improvement (the DNA of Walt Disney) he wanted at least one example of how we pushed the envelope with a colleague, the audience (as a professional speaker), or our (Disney Institute) business practices.

That was 16 years ago and i still use it as a daily (weekly seems way too infrequent) personal challenge.

You are the CEO of You, Inc.

Your growth, development, and attitude is your responsibility.

Wow, the things that are so easy to take for granted.

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