Every leader can articulate their vision in a clear, concise, compelling way to their direct reports, their peers, and their boss.



Every leader can articulate, to anyone, the difference between training for compliance and developing for commitment.

Structure and processes are key.



Every leader uses the employee-customer-business three-legged stool. Every leader uses the technical-managerial-behavioral three-legged stool.

Metrics and expectations are prioritized.



Every leader spends a corporately agreed upon amount of face-time with direct reports. Front-line leaders would be 80% minimum.

Every leader uses a corporate-wide Continuous Improvement Process.

Every leader uses a corporately-approved three-tiered recognition structure: Employee to employee, leader to employee, company to employee.

Every leader completes a corporately approved leadership development session, including a 360 evaluation from boss, self, peers, direct reports (or partner if no DR).


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