First Principles Thinking – irrefutable truth?

Every once in awhile, the Universe offers you a clue that something you came up with on your own is actually something rare, and valuable.

Yesterday’s email included the daily dose of Hugh McLeod at Gaping Void Art.

It was a link in Hugh’s daily message that led to the screen shot coming up…

In the center of the screen shot below is the word-for-word phrase i use to tell others what’s different about my Disney Approach.

Deconstruct then reconstruct.


i’ve spent my life deconstructing Disney’s DNA and reconstructing it in brilliantly simplistic fashion.

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Disney Keynote Speakers
This is the way i describe what 30 years at Disney, especially the last 15 teaching at Disney Institute has allowed me to make my life’s work.


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First principles thinking is about deconstructing what looks complex and then reconstructing it in a simple breakdown of reality – let’s call it irrefutable truth.

Click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence to read more about the concept Aristotle is credited with inventing and Elon Musk is credited for famously applying.

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