November 30th meet December 30

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November 30th meet December 30?

i love writing in such a way that there is no pressure on me to write to please others.

i used to worry about writing ahead – not posting live, but posting in the future. Kinda the way many television shows are recorded and then aired later.

Stumbled upon it on a 14-hour flight for a Disney Institute engagement because i was worried i wouldn’t have time the next morning to write.

Had just learned how to schedule a post to publish on a future date. In preparation for this trip, i wrote a post while still in Orlando for the morning i was worried about.

As luck would have it, my fear never happened and i wrote that morning, 14-hours from Orlando.

This meant i now had a surplus of five posts (one day’s worth).

Bottomline: i’m currently writing 30 days out  – in this case,  30 days before New Year’s Eve.

So i’m thinking about the ineffectiveness of resolutions.

i’m also thinking about how December 30, 2001 was the last day i drank alcohol.

Turns out, for determined people, you figure out how to conquer your fears and follow your dreams – no matter what day you decide to commit.

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