Every day is day one

Disney Keynote Speaker
Walt believed cleanliness and friendliness trumped everything.


Virginia Falls Glacier Park
Do you see it?


Walt Disney was not perfect.

He struggled with many things, like the rest of us.

Yet his ability to see the most important things clearly, and see a better tomorrow, made him the Customer Service legend he is today.

Ever notice how things at Disney Theme Parks look so fresh, new, like day one? It’s a philosophy that comes directly from Walt. Walt said…

Those sharp pencil guys tell you, ‘Walt, if we cut down on maintenance, we’d save a lot of money.’ But I don’t believe in that; it must be kept clean and fresh.  – Walt Disney


To Walt, the goal is clear, concise, and compelling…

To compellingly connect emotionally you must communicate his message of happiness through a pristine setting.

Day one refers to the vision, drive, commitment, passion, energy, and hope (the very first day you launch your company) that your product or service will change the lives of many people – possibly enough people to influence the world.


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