Chances are you were amazing

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Writing from here today.

Chances are you were amazing

In fact, i’ll bet a dollar you were amazing. By the way, one dollar is my top bet, and the only amount i bet when it’s a sure thing.

What’s your top bet?

Remember what you did and how it felt afterward when you could smile and know you did what you thought you couldn’t?

There are certain truths that when we hear them, we easily nod in agreement.

How about this one…

When there’s something we are highly motivated to do or not do, we get it done.

While this book contains the world-class leadership basics, none of that timeless wisdom matters if you aren’t compelled to burn the ships.

Had a High School science teacher say, “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”

Burn the ships (BTS), or some other mantra that inspires you the way BTS inspires me – that’s what we need to tell ourselves over and over (and over).

One more thing, chances are you are still amazing.

Betting a dollar on that too.

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