Pausing for a midlife moment of silence

Jet plane cruising above clouds at sunset
Cruising day-to-day on auto-pilot?


Pausing for a midlife moment of silence. I’m writing this post 102 days before September 11. You’re reading it now on 9/11.

There’s something extraordinarily calming, stimulating, liberating, and educational about not going with traditional herd-mentality mass market hype saturation which surrounds big-time anniversary dates.

Not a fan of that. Too limiting.

Why do we only celebrate our birthday once a year? Everyday sounds much more alive.

Pausing this morning, Friday May 31, and wondering where America is with their memory of where they were when the world stopped turning.

And wondering were are all the American flags that used to be on our vehicles, in our lawns, and on our lapels.

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