Should Midlife Adults Have A Nationwide Policy Of Personal Thanksgiving?

Chick-fil-A has a gutsy, longstanding policy to remain closed on Sundays, resisting the temptation to increase corporate earnings. Should midlife adults carry a policy of daily, moment-to-moment thanksgiving? Doing so would require us to resist many temptations for immediate gratification. Next Blog

All He Wants

The World is so blessed to have people like Guest Blogger, Lorie Sheffer, to write about things that matter. We can all use frequent reminders. Here’s Lorie’s reminder for us: Who cares if the gravy is slightly lumpy or the pumpkin pie cracks in the center?  It’s been a tough year. We suffered through the […]

Single Most Important Tip

Things you can do to prepare for a Mid Life Crisis, before it happens.  Click here to read the article from Everyday Health. However, here’s the single most important tip you will ever get from anyone about preparing for your midlife crisis or, as I like to say, your mid life celebration. Focus on Life’s […]

People Were Thankful

The Families we visited yesterday were very thankful for the Food donations that were delivered: We visited an upscale home for the first time in ten years.  My son and I received warm and grateful greetings at every stop. One man even gave me a big hug. I reminded our son (9) why we started […]