The gift of freedom to learn your own mental lessons

Cocoa Beach Pier
Cocoa Beach Pier yesterday morning. Roughly a dozen surfers, barely visible, on the top wave swell.


This post is simple and direct.

We have a gift, freedom, and responsibility. The harsh reality is that only one person is responsible for our results.

The gift of freedom to learn our own mental lessons.

Life’s a beach?

And then we die.

Figure it out.

We have two simple choices.

It’s our responsibility to choose surviving or thriving.

No one is ever going to pick for us.

This will threaten some, and invigorate others.

This is also a clue, and our baseline understanding, of where we are on our journey.




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Dear readers, will our constant struggle go away?

Bandage over blood draw needle insertion.
Annual blood work yesterday at Quest Diagnostics.


Focus, discipline, intentionality and purpose are essential in overcoming the daily onslaught of expected and unexpected to-do’s.

The constant struggle to keep up is better, if you really think about it, than the daily struggle to medicate, distract, and entertain ourselves away from the pain of being buried.

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Survive or thrive. It doesn’t take genius.

Maybe this video will help someone today. And we all could use a helping hand. All of us.



Paradigm Shift: Why write a book for your child?

What if we thought of the book as a giant love letter?

Wishing you peace and blessings immeasurable to you and everyone you love.

And know that one of the best ways to heal ourselves is to help others heal.

Survive or thrive. It doesn’t take genius.

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PS. Just had an aha moment – more like a reminder – all the writing (for those of you reading all five) has the same intent. Maybe these posts will help someone today.