Suck the marrow out of life

Dragonfly on Disney Convention Hotel  hallway sign


(photo: 7:15am yesterday – arrived at classroom and found this lost traveler… unsuccessfully tried to release it to the outdoors… spent a few minutes in the effort… 12 hours later, heard about Robin… gather ye rosebuds while ye may)

Sucking the marrow out of life… Robin Williams committed suicide yesterday (August 11, 2014).

The CNN story is here.

Live like you mean it.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

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This Is Just For Me

Has anyone ever suggested this to you before?

Secret Sevice must always be looking for nuance
notice that someone always has to be paying attention to nuance


Rarely, if ever, does anyone suggest this to us?

All of life is leadership.

Yesterday many friends and I (and his family) lost a close friend to suicide.

Our greatest trials come from our biggest denials.

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