Suck the marrow out of life

Dragonfly on Disney Convention Hotel  hallway sign


(photo: 7:15am yesterday – arrived at classroom and found this lost traveler… unsuccessfully tried to release it to the outdoors… spent a few minutes in the effort… 12 hours later, heard about Robin… gather ye rosebuds while ye may)

Sucking the marrow out of life… Robin Williams committed suicide yesterday (August 11, 2014).

The CNN story is here.

Live like you mean it.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

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3 replies on “Suck the marrow out of life”

Comedy Warehouse made a special ‘encore appearance last night at the annual WDW Service Awards Celebration at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Comedy Warehouse was a cornerstone feature for Pleasure Island. It went away (maybe 2008?)… anyway, couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer magnitude of the art of improv.

And on the short drive home, had a moment where it seemed being a comedian could be a personal, lifelong burden. Everyone expecting you to be funny. All the time. (Not your close friends and Family, but the general public.)

At what point does a comedian feel inadequate. How many jokes can you tell and still have more, and still be funny. And still love it. Wayne Brady, like Robin Williams was, is challenged similarly.

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