Strange Magic

  Strange Magic… Not the song by Electric Light Orchestra from 1975. A strange magic has flooded my thoughts with questions. Questions about fear, opportunity, luck, obligation, and vision. A few lucky breaks (strange, and magical) combined with a new year of setting (my) corporate direction have collided unexpectedly. i’ve become busier – sooner than expected – and am overwhelmed […]

The speech’s content is as powerful as the wheel was to progress

        Are mistakes really gifts in disguise? Yes. Success is built upon a foundation of failure. Mid Life Celebration, and yesterday’s Leadership Keynote speech was fertilized with failure. The long way is the short cut. Next Blog

How many miracles does each human get?

  We get a few, plus or minus one handful, of miracles in life. Today doesn’t equate to: Being born Being American Surviving two potentially deadly car accidents. Marrying Cheryl Finding land behind Magic Kingdom Overcoming disability and becoming a parent But today does equate to a close second. And is simply this. Today is Mid […]